Mixed Nuggets, ekirja englanniksi

Mixed Nuggets, ekirja englanniksi


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The Author, Frej Wasastjerna: 

This is a collection of 7 fantasy, science fiction and mainstream short stories, none of which I have published before. Some of them are among my best stories in my personal opinion, though some people may not share that view.

In Orson Scott Card’s MICE classification (Milieu / Idea / Character / Event) most of these stories are idea pieces, often skimping the other components and in many cases intended to be nothing more than light entertainment. The main exception, A Quiet Evening, is a rather dark mood piece. Changing Things is, in its way, even darker.

If that is what you want, buy and read Mixed Nuggets. If you prefer stories with more characterization, character development and a fully developed story arc, you might be better off reading such stories as Paratime Encounter and Leonids and reading my novels, of which Tochwyatis has been published in ebook form.



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Om författaren:

Frej Wasastjerna was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1944. He has spent most of his life in Finland but started school in Boston, Massachusetts, and has several times worked in Germany for periods from one and a half to three months. He retired in 2009 from his job as a Senior Research Scientist at VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland and now spends some of his time writing fantasy and science fiction when he feels like it.

Författarens hemsida http://www.frejwasastjerna.net


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